I Got People Coming…

My saturday off from work…supposedly, i’m in the kitchen right about now making a huge meal for family visiting from out of town & surrounding areas, but, I’m at my trusted computer still! since 8 am this morning , 4 hours later, I haven’t even started the main course:) What’s wrong with this pic?

I’m a writer. I feel it in my bones, my genes, my DNA if you will, but, I’m also a woman, a mother, a grandma and I’ve got people coming over!!! I’m going to just get up now and go into the kitchen, but, first I have to visit a few other writing sites…write another post that’s burning in my brain for BlogHer…then, I’ll just go into the kitchen… Hold up, there’s that blogger site I need to put in a query to right about now…

Ok, I’m up now…that bird on the stove has been thawed for a few hours now…actually, it’s a rooster…just how does one cook those?

Anyhow, my day off…there’s work to be done, but, in the words of the terminator, “I’ll be back!”


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