DeAnna Loves Jesse…but

Ok, let’s talk reality tv folks…It seems that DeAnna, the Bachelorette, has dumped Jesse because, according to the heartbroken young man, via a tearful webcam announcement from his home… After picking her up from the airport…DeAnna tells him; She loved him, but… wasn’t in love with him… ouch! I don’t know how folks can treat love so callously like that. I don’t know about this new Mellennium generation, but back in the day when a woman, or, man got the nerve to declare their love; it’s a done deal…

There’s the loving, the shacking up…perhaps a wedding … a couple of kids and then, a bit of longing for those good ole single & free days…seriously, though, I’m just not getting this fly by night sort of playing with ones emotions that these people seemingly put their hearts, minds & time into when deciding to do Reality TV…

Is it just in their minds a fast track to fame? According to Jesse, his Bachelorette, DeAnna, over time, seemed to only, in essence, want to embrace/cuddle/show affection toward him when the cameras were rolling… I ask you, “Whats it all about, Alfie?”

I don’t know about anyone else, but when it comes to falling in love, give me the kinda love the old timers had… It’s like when your word truly meant something…anyhow, writing about Celebrities & their crazy mixed up world did give me food for post!


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