My writers update…

As of today: Received rejection from print mag for a relationship piece:(

Lost for 4th time for contest over @ myithings:(

Article accepted at Babyboomer Mag….remains on front page:)

Article published at More.Ca … called “surviving Divorce at Midlife” 🙂

Starting my blog over at BlogHer…first post

 up already!:)

Article published at AllWomenStalk for America’s Next Top Blogger…go figure:)

Sent out 2 articles/signed contract for local/regional wedding mag…won’t toot that horn until receive acceptance…keep fingers/toes crossed for me?

Posting/connecting with community of bloggers here @ clara54 as well as my mission site for women in transition& wisewoman2’s “authentic woman”

Have a few irons in fire, will brag upon completion…What about you guys? Anything you wanna share about your writers update?

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