Borrow my theme? Sure…

Ok, I’m still an aspiring writer here, so don’t get me wrong, the questions that come into play in regards to ones’ published works are legitimate. I remember speaking to a friend about copyright in freelance writing. I’m knowing that you copyright works as preventive measures to keep folks from stealing what essentially you’ve worked your butt off to create.

However, in terms of generalized themes. titles of articles. and even song lyrics…Where does the freelance writer stand? I’ve been guilty of reading work where I’ve found a phrase such as “one man’s trash becomes another man’s treasure” and yes, loved it… used it and noted other writers have as well… Poetry in essence, once written is automatically your copyright, unless in manuscript form…please folks correct me if I’m wrong?

Themes, on the other hand seems to be up for grabs. I’ve been published on the web at free sites since 2006. These site, in most cases inform the writer how their articles are a free for all. Yet, it’s a bit disconcerning when I read something I’ve titled used by established folks to generate interest/monies from their mega readers!  

I’ve been taken aback a few times: Lyrics I’d written in the 80s speaking on how my ex loved to “Party all the time” was all but forgotten because I’d sent them out blindly to some publishing studio in California, until I heard those words, ‘party all the time!…In 2001 after my mom passed, the following Mothers Day, I’d written an article to a prestigeous Chicago Magazine, in essence giving all the reasons why I was indeed, my mothers’ daughter… inclusive of a picture of us, standing under a southern sky…lovingly embracing near her favorite rose bush.

Needless to say, my article was rejected 3 months to the day of submission and only after the Mothers Day issue of this fab magazine hit newsstands, with a glossy assortment of gorgeous flowers and a bold title “Mothers & Daughters” on its cover. I wrote to the publication asking for the return of my mother’s photo, which was enclosed with that rejection letter… now this lastest borrow from this aspiring/still learning the ropes of the writing biz, happened recently.

In June 2006, I wrote a political article on a free article ezine, called “The Political Incorrectness Of Politics”…I was speaking on why Hilary Clinton seemed to be perceived as not one of the good ole boys, simply because she was a woman…Now, there’s a segment on a friday topnotch nighttime show , hosted by a top notch newsman called “J. S.: A Guide To The Political Incorrectness Of Politics”

Everything I’ve written is an aspiring/frustrated freelance writers ‘truth’. I’m ok with folks higher up borrowing themes of a struggling writer .  mindful of the fact that anyone can have a ‘creative thought’ but,  come on!

How about you, ever felt your work was highlacked?

Go to to read “The Political Incorrectness Of Politics”


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