Every morning & sometimes during the day, I try to impart some sort of positive affirmation into my mindset in order to offset a negative that’s sure to come about… Take Saturday as example. I was invited to go antique shopping with the girls but, had to beg off because while they would be frolicking about dipping & dabbing into all sorts of ancient ‘finds’, I would be putting in long stressful hours, not to mention standing on my feet, working for the man!

But, all things considered, I didn’t let the negatives spoil my work day…nooo, I sucked it up and hit the floor running on saturday morning in order to clock in for duty at my nursing gig at 6:30 AM. Same for this morning, Sunday. believe me,I wasn’t feeling having to get up, yet again, to start all over again!

The thing that kept me going on Saturday/Sunday, was what always keep me going…Keeps my head up…positive affirmations. yep, writers need to be uplifted… My all time favorite? “This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice & be glad in it.” those words, a 20 minute warm shower and a steaming cup of Java, gets me through the negatives most of the time…What works for you?


6 thoughts on “Affirmations”

  1. I enjoyed reading your story. I to live my life through the strong use of positive affirmations. I find them to be so rewarding I can really get my emotions into my affirmations. This practice has really changed my life. I am writing my website so that I may be able to help some people in need of a little reassurance that there are methods out there that can help with you very own personal development.


  2. Hi Howard,

    Thanks for your kind response…I just visited positive-thinking-for-you and you share great, motivational & uplifting life experiences…

    I’ll consider you another mutual friend in cyberspace!




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