I’m not distraught…I’m not exactly estastic either. I suppose I’m just trying to take the bitter with the sweet here folks. Today marked 2 days back on the job. Yes, the month of September went by in a whirlwind of queries, writing, submissions and networking with other folks in the business of writing. Admittedly, there were some stress-free days of visits with friends, family and being with myself …Oh, how I enjoyed the 4 weeks of blissful ‘living the way I wanna live it’

So, I’m back with co-workers, patients, and employers… the first day was grueling…Although welcomed back with open arms, I still feel disconnected… like I’ve hung up my nurses’ stethoscope… yet, one must do the job 100% when you’re in it… Today, after work, I managed to send a query to a relationship website…got prompt response…will get verdict on gig in a week or, so.

I also revisited myitthings where my article for fall fashion is among the top ten finalists in their monthly contest … I try hard to get excited, but, I’ve placed amongst the top ten for several competitions before…just maybe, fourth time’s the charm! Those babyboomer magazine articles I’d mentioned? One was recently published on the site… So is a  post I’d written about women over 50 for America’s Next Top Blogger over at AllWomen Stalk…I visit these sites practically everyday to remind myself of my recent accomplishments…

I’m constantly meeting/greeting other writer/bloggers whose friendly & welcoming nature keeps me encouraged! again, I’m not exactly thrilled right now, but, neither am I throwing myself a ‘pity party’


2 thoughts on “Anyhow…”

  1. There is nothing like the dull, depressing, frustrating, non-creative side of writing to make you feel disconnected. You know, the day-job, the query letters, the emails, the phonecalls… just keep writing, whenever you can join with the words, make something new…


  2. So right…I’m knowing that it’s just a different world writers live in when trying to maintain a balance of creating/marketing/networking…

    And then, there’s the 9-5 day job where you’re multitasking for someone else….frustrating, but, doable 🙂


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