Not cool…

After the Debates last night, I couldn’t sleep. Stayed up late  watched late night segment Oprah Show…which I watch occasionally when the guests are authors/presidential nominees…anyhow, it appears that Oprah is having fridays as ‘friday views’ or something with three guest hosts. I won’t name them, that’s not the issue here.

Spike Lee was one of Oprah’s interview guests… you know director Spike/Malcolm X… anyhow, he’s done it again according to critics, with his new movie, Miracle At St. Anna…love that about you Spike. What I didn’t care for during the interview with Oprah/ and perhaps you wasn’t aware of, is the way you kept swiping under your nose with your fingers!

Spike Lee, that is not cool, man! Ok, say you have a nervous ‘tic’…say, no big deal, it’s just Spike being Spike…the nurse in me say…no way, no how, unacceptable! Your face carry germs. The nose area man, inclusive of nares, seepage, all the ‘yuck stuff’ that one wipe from a finger can impart onto others…germs man!… And then, to make matters worse, you hug/shake hands with Oprah!

Ok, maybe, I’m just being too sensitive…maybe I’ve been a nurse for, far too long…or, maybe because I was raised to know that ‘cleanliness is next to godliness'( ok, I’m a junkaholic, another one for webster! but my junk is clean junk)  Because I love& admire your creative talents, Spike…

I leave you with two words of advice for future interviews/personal habits…Hand Sanitizers!


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