I’m wishing it was me! Ok, let me clarify. I have friends in the freelance writing biz who have done the time and at this stage in their writing careers…reaping the glorious benefits… as in clients, monies, security in knowing that there won’t be another 9 to 5 in their lives anytime soon! 

I’m feeling the crunch of having to return to the workforce in a few days after being off for the last month in an attempt to try and get a handle on this freelance writers life… I’ve been busting my butt …people! therefore, lovely writers of the world who have put in the necessary time, energy, fortitude and preserverence…forgive me if I do a bit of wishing I was there already…fear not, I’m a bit ‘blue’ , but, not entirely down for the count.

I’m completing work on 2 articles for a regional magazine due by the end of Oct…finished a short story for major magazine’s short story competition and still awaiting articles response from online mag I spoke about earlier. I have an interview/profile piece I’d done with an established & gracious Author,  floating out there in cyberspace for 5 weeks now, as well as another short-short…I’ve met/connected with so many wonderful folks/writers via networking within the freelance writers/ marketing community…so all isn’t a total bust. I know, as an aspiring writer (whose been writing for decades, but, kept stuff packed away ) I have my work cut out for me and miles to go before I sleep…


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