Articles in a bottle…

If I could bottle my articles after selling them to the right market…at their highest bidder, I’d definitely place my latest article written in July called “Advice For Women In Their Search For Mr. Right”…let’s not get it twisted folks, I’m not claiming to be a relationship expert here, but, sometimes the need to express myself to other women, not so unlike myself comes along and I give it a go…

This particular piece, just 2 weeks ago had only 80 something visitors. As of this AM, this article somehow have folks flocking to read its message to the tune of 700 visitors! It must be Karma, or, just one of those things…or, perhaps, it’s a sign that I should tap into more of this writing…the end result as I’m feelin it: Women need helpful, informative/sometimes hilarious approach to finding their “Mr. Right.”  Me, I’m not asking for much, just a home willing to pay for this once-in-a-“aha”-gem of a moment in this writer’s work…


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