today I encountered that word i’d only read about-Censorship! I hate politics… that whole election process. But, when I read/hear/see from perspectives of… some uncouth/bias rhethoric,then, I find myself compelled to confront such stuff, head on…an article I’d written was reviewed…published, then…promptly bandished…because accordingly, I had not complied with guidelines…as in, nooo truth seeking here.

To write from “quoted” materials inclusive of verbage of attacks upon one’s gender, political views, ethnicity… puts the bearer of truth( writers) in positions/ labeled catagories …not of their character/substance. What does a writer do to maintain truth in their work, yet risk the ire of publishers/editors who have the final say on your blood, sweat, tears…you get my meaning?

anyhow, I’m a bit dismayed, but, not at all disheartened, because in my mind, if one publisher somehow insists on fudging the edges by insisting upon , certain omissions in a piece, surely, there’s another who publishes it verbatim after welcomed scrutiny/fact-checking?

I won’t say I’ve learned my lesson…what I will say, however, is that truth will set you free and I’m staying away from having my say( in print) about politics…


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