green thumb

I don’t have…but, I have Azalea…quite by accident. SHE (I naturally refer to all plants…flowers as she) was about to be sent to that plant final resting…the dump…by a determined neighbor who felt Azalea was no longer a thang of flowering beauty…ok, so her flowers were dried. the buds went, crunch, crackle & gone…but, I saw something, a bit of spark? AZALEA’s trunk spoke to me, “i’m alive” it said, save me..

I rescue her…tear away the dead stems, dry leaves, once beautiful flower… hope to nurse her back to health, so this writer doees her research only to find, it’s going to take a miracle! Placing her out of direct sunlight every morning, making sure to keep her soil moist …introducing her to the blues. Although I’m not the one blessed with having a ‘green’ thumb…that honor went to my mother, somehow AZALEA ‘s presence keep hope alive…


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