I was watching NIGHTLINE last nite where they focused on the brain& creativity. Apparently, the two men showcased had suffered brain injury, affecting the thinking/creative part of the brain, which in turn caused them to have this incessant/uncontrollable need to create…papers upon papers of rhymed poetry, room filled with drawings that exhibited split personalities, great works of art…paintings that would sell for thousands of dollars. In both situations, the men felt they would somehow go insane, causing their marriage to suffer…one fellow got divorced…

Letters written in desperation to the best in their medical field would bring answers for both men. a woman who somehow became afflicted with the same disorder, a neurologist…She helped to explain their burst of creativity that could not be denied…I was fascinated to see how slight rearranging of the brain’s functioning path could produce such results…The miracle of the human body cannot be denied!

The creativity for regular folks like many of us freelance writers who find it hard at times to navigate the gift we’re blessed with surely pales in comparison…I suppose AFTER watching this segment of Nightline, I’d better think again before I question whether this simple & controlled need to create should be something for this writer to complain about?


2 thoughts on “creativity-unleashed”

  1. Clara, hi there,

    Have some writing/career info I want to pass along to you only I can’t find an email address on your website or blog. Please let me know where I should send the link.



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