potential client response

Can you believe it!? over the weekend, I managed to squeeze in a few queries to a potential client lists and  lo and behold,this morning I find response to two of the five I’d sent out…both positive !  I’m feeling good about that. so good in fact, I’m going to reply to a colleague’s request and do a survey on romantic relationships!! of course, she’s to keep all imput incognito…

I’m also making a list of more blogs/websites I found about freelance writing, blogging, dating and issues I think other writers out there will find interesting reading. One such site that I’ve just became a member of is giftedhandsandwriting by Preethi Burkholder, who’s on a book tour for 2 months, but, has autoresponse, so she did respond to my email…this site I’d actually found a couple of weeks ago by reading another blog, Ellen Wilson’s words and pictures…now, this lady’s blog is worthy of a stroll over as well, her photos are breathtaking and she’s a good one for community networking.

Giftedhandsandwriting offers inventive & creative ways to assist them in their writing endeavors…whether you’re established or, a newbie, membership is free…I’m of the adage that good happens when we sow seeds…don’t you agree?


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