great blogs…

I’ve had the pleasure of finding a few great blogs/bloggers in the short time clara54 has been up…the bloggers might not all be writers or vice versa, but, in some big way, their blogs are very enlightening, informative, helpful and what I often base my ‘like radar’ on…real. these folks , in my opinion are giving you the real blogger deal…

Deborah Ng over at freelance writng jobs has been a mainstay for me when it comes to finding those great gigs…the articles are informative…the work that Jodee does, outstanding, and just recently, a new player emerged from an ‘idol contest’ fwj sponsored, Terreece Clark… I hope to read good stuff from her.

Rachel Goodchild Writes is one of my favorite places to visit…Rachel is an outstanding author from New Zealand…her blog is just a down to earth, good time read…

Sonya Carmichael Jones over at marketingbudda was kind enough to give me a few tips on how to monetize my blogs, garner increased readership/ community participation to clara54, or, any freelance writers endeavors…she’s offers sound marketing advice.

 I love poetry…I love the spiritual essence that John at internationalpoet works convey…i visit wordsuponmystone often…sorry john, but, had to have your chosen theme for wordsuponmystone, it’s speaks to me and what I want clara54 to convey…

There are sooo many blogs out there, folks who for whatever reason have a need to create. I will continue to list them as I like them, here. I’m so lucky to be part of this community where our worlds connect, our words resonate…our goals defined.


5 thoughts on “great blogs…”

  1. Clara, many thanks for those very kind and heart-felt words.

    And I really appreciate you supplying a list of other blogs that are fueled by passionate-on-purpose writers.

    Thanks again.
    Shine On,


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