Yay…It’s Official!

Today marks the beginning of the first four weeks of time out from working as a nurse! I won’t have to feel the need to ‘hurry up, finish whatever I’m doing” so that I can go to bed, get enough rest for my 8 hour shift the next day…nooo, I can write, do research, even talk with like minded friends well into the wee hours if I want about the business that I have a passion and a purpose for: Writing!

Ok, folks, I’m knowing it’s going to take hard work ethics, discipline, tenacity, marketing, networking and a whole lotta prayer to put a crack into the ceiling of this freelance writers business, but… I’ve had a taste of what freelance writing provides in terms of accomplishment,contentment, monetary value(GOT TO PAY THE BILLS)and an overall sense of contributing to a people needs… I won’t be deterred.

Don’t mean to be sounding like some politician…I’m just geeked! at my age, that’s saying a lot:) now, let’s get this writing thang started…clients, please do come come a calling!


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