from a healthcare perspective

I’m a veteran nurse…people reading my blog know this about me. with just one more day to go, I’ll be officially off duty from nursing the entire month of september. I plan to continue my efforts in freelance writing.  hone my marketing skills and build up my freelance client lists…I ‘m not one to say never when it applies to leaving a job. After 30 something years in nursing, It’s safe to say that I know a bit more about the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of healthcare than the folks running for political office!

Michael Moore first brought to the public’s attention just how screwed up the healthcare system is for the people here in america…if you’re poor and seeking good care from doctors/healthcare institutions, forget it! In today’s world, your health is based upon how much you can pay…without healthcare insurance, many folks who are not terminally ill will be sent home from the hospital in stable condition, as opposed to being healed, or, completely well. It’s a fact, there is a nursing shortage… and where there’s a shortage, most assuredly,  some ill person is going to come up  short… in diagnosis, treatment, patient care…

The adage in writing is that writers should “write” what they know. I know nursing, yet, when I visit internet nursing site, hoping to write/contribute in this field of expertise, I come away, wondering how on earth could I write truth from my nurses’ perspective when all I see written are positives in nursing?  Don’t get it twisted, I ‘m not saying there aren’t positives in nursing…there most certainly is! To be able to assist physicians in saving lives is the most positive thing about being a nurse!

It’s the ‘politics’ of healthcare that causes the ire in me…people who can’t afford healthcare, or, when an elderly person’s medicare has ended its 60- 90 day run and this person must be sent packing, or, long term care patients must sign over the home they’ve lived in, raised their children in, hope to return to…but, in many instances, must put up as collateral/guarantee of their residential facility stay…it’s becomes a wakeup call to america’s voters!

I know nursing…I know healthcare…I know/seen the suffering, helplessness and anger of the sick battling the forces that be, inclusive of “how in the world am I to pay for my continued care?” I wish I could write only fluff pieces when it comes to healtcare in america…but, that’s not my reality…


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