The Perks of Adding”blog writer” To Your Freelance Writer Profile

I’ve been debating this for a bit as I’ve read other writers views on the subject of blogging and what it adds to the freelance writing life…some folks say that blogging is a great way to garner traffic & increased readership as well as provide an insight into who your professional and personal world as your blog exposes your area of expertise, concerns, your insights, and your take on living/coping in everyday life.

It’s no secret that this is my third attempt at blogging…for whatever reasons, the blogs became a wash and I eventually lost interest in their upkeep. One particular conversation I had with a friend stayed with me as she was innocently questioning at the time about how many people had read my blogs…none, as I could recall because of lack of comment on the sites…My friend’s retort was simply, “what’s the use?”

clara54 has been my most successful blogging effort. After being up & running for a mere 3 months, it has received visits & comments from potential clients, other writers and just everyday folks to let me know they’re liking my blog… I hope to continue my relationship with people by way of clara54 for many seasons to come…blog writer looks good on my updated authors profile as well…

I’m encouraged as I visit my profile and see the numbers to the site that houses many of my articles increase, day by day…  a freelance writer, I’m knowing that I’d be writng for the remainder of my days whether or not anyone came to know of my work…blogging, however, sort of places it all in perspective…


2 thoughts on “The Perks of Adding”blog writer” To Your Freelance Writer Profile”

  1. Hi Clara,

    Adding blogger to your list of writing services is indeed a value if you want to pursue blogging job opportunities. Or even if you just want to update your resume with a personal or professional accomplishment. Here are a few other advantages to blogging:

    * Personable way to promote your writing services and products

    * It’s a way to gain feedback from customers and improve your services and products

    * You gain an online customer service tool that humanizes your business

    * You can create additional income streams by selling advertisements and products on your blog

    There is a skill to great blogging and I think the most valuable blogs are those that offer insightful information and stay on point.

    I encourage you to weigh the advantages of blogging against things that seem to make it troublesome. And if you come to realize that blogging is not for you at this time, then you can stop blogging and resume it whenever it seems to be a better fit.

    Personally, I’ve been very reluctant about blogging, having started and stopped a few times myself. But I’m pursuing it with much greater zest this go-round because I’m a marketing instructor and blogging gives me a way to inspire other freelance writers outside of my marketing class.

    All the best to you,


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