It Ain’t Nothin’ But The Blues Ya’ll

When you’re out and about in the ambiance of the ‘blues clubs’ this is the proper speech folks up in there want to hear come out of your mouth…sort of like country line dancing where you’re not country if you’re not sportin’ your stetson hat, red bandana &  boots with spurs and pointed toes.

This invite came on one of those TGIF when after a hard days work, you just wanna go outside  to unwind. When I was told about all of the old timers who would be performing some of their greatest blues songs… I threw a pad & pen into my nighttime bag of must haves. These were some of the shy town headliners my pen captured within the realm of crowded space, dimmed lightening, cigarette smoke and loud music…

Delores Scott/who stood in for the great Koko Taylor. Lil Scottie/ recuperating from a surgery/sang via a trach voice box but, still sounded awesome. Junk Yard Dog/ don’t let the name fool you… first heard this left leg amputee several years ago and he’s still among my favorites . The Blonde Bombshell from out of Paris…this 60 something’s blusey spill seemed more burlesque than down home/you get what I’m saying?

Mary Lane deserves a stage of her own. This real lady of the blues lived up to her reputation as I’d heard of her, but, never actually saw her perform  live…wow! all I can say about that, wow!…Johnny Drummond, a club mainstay… a couple of more guys I didn’t catch whose performances weren’t as memorable.

The two windy city Blues giants I was hoping to catch were a no show at The Unleaded Blues Benefit Concert for the clubs’ owner… Willie Clayton & Vance “guitar” Kelly…All in all, it was an enjoyable evening of blues. a fun night…heck, I didn’t even mind the $5.oo cover charge. the flat beer on ice that I managed throughout the evening, or, the lack of food that was to be included with the ticket… It wasn’t nothin’ but the blues ya’ll, nothin’ but the blues…


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