where letter writing leads…

A couple of weeks ago a friend suggested that I consider a copywriting gig in my repertoire of freelance writing…of course,I pooh-poohed the suggestion. As I have no formal copywriting experience.
earlier this week, a favorite niece sent me an SOS via text as she knew I was working the day shift at my nursing job.

The panic laden text informed me how a letter writing assignment due midnight of that very day in her Sociology Class had gone awry because even though she knew what she wanted to say… could I please help! let me tell you right now, I was dead tired…standing/walking/ scurrying about on my feet all day was no picnic…I was looking forward to a relaxing day after my shift was over, but, this was a favorite niece/she did butter me up a bit by stating how she knew I was such a great writer…sucker!:)

To make a long story short…she emailed what she’d composed…I offered pointers, inserted a few statistics and tweaked the copy a bit…sent her the piece. I awoke the next morning to an excited email thanking me sooo much, it was just how she envisioned it…someday she hoped to become a great writer like me!

Of course, I thought back to all those times back in high school when I’d composed love letters for my shy girlfriends to their secret & clueless love interests, which gave me pause to ponder…”Copywriting, just how hard could it be?”


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