Remember ‘The Trip To Bountiful’ where Geraldine Page refuses to take no for an answer when her son can’t take her back for a last visit to her hometown, Bountiful, to see her friends…only when she makes the long trip alone on a bus amongst strangers and sleeping uncomfortably at a dusty busstop … she comes to  find no friends…just a shack…an old, abandoned& neglected, debilitated place… Bountiful.

A sucker for nostalgia, I think the waterworks flowed freely for a long, long, time. Of course, its endeared me to great actresses like Geraldine page, Betty Davis ,Jessica Tandy and Joan Plowright… her Mrs. Palfrey At The Claremont floored me… I felt such a realness in these women performances. I’m left after watching such fine actresses… wondering what it was that they drew upon to get the ‘it’ in acting … 

Come September, I’ll be headed back to visit my hometown, although I was just there last year for painful reasons…this time I visit for a continuation of sorts. I’ll walk the dusty, country roads along the mississippi flatlands where I grew up. I’ll revisit my parents/brother/sister final resting place and scout out a few long lost friends as well. A particular young man I once loved and who made me smile comes to mind…I become pensive when I think how we grew apart… as the years passed… we became separated by miles …sought different lives…

When I return home this time, I plan to stop in to visit friends. family. Say hello/goodbye to old lives and never  forgotten lost loves…


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