aging gracefully…

so yesterday I was having this woman speak moment with a couple of women I work with. A social worker, a dietitian and myself. We were talking about ‘eyeglasses’  their expense and why in most instances, they failed to do the job required of aging eyes… This was a particular concern of the social worker who admitted to be wearing not her prescription glasses for which she’d payed an exhorbiant fee for,but…over the counter reading glasses for which she’d payed only a couple bucks!

I thought that preculiar because I had also tried to find trendy reading glasses because they were so darn cute, but, never seem to find any. The dietitan admitted to wearing them for reading but, at 50, preferred her contacts to glasses…she went on to relate how her eyes differed in prescription lens…she then quipped how great it was that her husband’s vision was such that neither could tell how just everything was drooping/sagging as they aged.

I still believe in the grown up perception of aging gracefully. The fine lines, subtle wrinkles and gray hair didn’t really bother me so much…as I related how I still felt beautiful and got male attention attesting to that fact… it was the muscle aches,back aches, neck/shoulder pains I admitted to annoying the crap out of me… of course, we all busted up… the laughter bonding, strengthening, and reaffirming women in midlife transitions…


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