A Word Please…

No doubt you’ve heard the wise saying how one must ‘choose your battles wisely?’ Well, lately I’ve been having to do just that. as those who have been reading my posts remember, I said how come September, I would be taking a leave of absence from my nursing job in order to concentrate on building my freelance writing biz… well, in July I began to put the wheels in motion by filling out an employee request form for my employer; in this case, the director of nursing/administration.

lo and behold, my first request was promptly denied because, “I wasn’t specific.” okay, so I patiently redid my request, this time all specifics clearly outlined in parenthesis…weeks passed and on tuesday, I return to work to retrieve a pink slip (nooo, not the one that says you’re fired!) however, it did read that my 2nd request was denied due in part to the shortage of nursing staff, my absence would create…its no joke people, there is a nursing shortage, but, nurses are hired everyday to fill up empty spaces left for vacations, illnesses and such…

Off to human resources I go…a word to the wise…choose your battles wisely. always when you’re met with resistance in any situation people when working for someone else, follow protocol…in my case, inhouse human resource dept. We talked…I  became emotional( i’m a girl, after all) he questioned, I cited reasons, gave important data, spoke from example ,thanked human resources for their time/effort on working in my behalf , but, if he couldn’t help me with my situation, perhaps someone in the BIG office could? 

Today I was approached by the director of nursing…she said, after speaking with human resources, she realized it was ALL a big misunderstanding…Of course, I could have the time off requested…I thanked her kindly and continued with my nursing duties…

I truly wanted to sing, but, all I could mutter as I pushed the medication cart down that long hallway? “Choose your battles wisely”…


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