How Not To Become ‘Green’ With Envy-When Your Green Article Flops

Alright, alright, I’m having to give myself the same spill I’d given the fashionistas over at myitthings when their designs didn’t make the final cut in the ‘it’ designers competition…”suck it up!” I’m ok, people, really I am…just a bit bombed that my Green article, although in the top rated spot, didn’t make the final 10, because of lack of member votes my article placed at 13…I’m over it already…

How about this for a resurge of again, I rise? Here are some impressive print markets that I found while scouring the net for gigs the other day. These mags come highly recommended by an esteemed member of journalists, so take advantage of green markets found in mags like the ones listed below…do what you need to do to get your ‘Green’ on! 

Grist Magazine. Sierra Magazine. Natural Home Magazine. Audubon Magazine.. . Plenty Magazine.


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