I’m feeling a bit more wistful, mysterious, introspective, reflective ,and pleny thankful today… soo I thought I’d change the theme of my blog to sort of mirror my emotions…but whose to say I won’t be returning to the simplistic and clear version of the former format. I love that bloggers get to choose their themes for their blogs on this site…I love blogging period!

I hope you’ve gotten a chance to read my poem “Perspective”. I wrote it in the 90s when I was experiencing moments of ‘what ifs’ and remembering my life as a  naive little country girl raised up in a world of have nots…wanting to be like all the others little girls who ‘had’ and being disappointed in what I saw as God’s indifference…

Its funny the stuff one holds onto from living life experiences ,but, ultimately recognizes as life lessons…   that serves to define the person that you are. One of the truths in my living life as a spiritual being, experiencing a human existence is that The Almighty have a plan for each of us in that…We will come to know our destiny…our purpose for existing…

I’m by no means a religious fanatic, but, I’m knowing that because of this unforseeable and powerful presence in my life…I’m knowing I shall not want…


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