I’m Writing Today…

For anyone who’s reading my blog, you’re knowing my biggest obstacle -procrastination. yep, its still a major hinderence when it comes to my getting the work out…I have no problem doing the work, it’s finding the market/ sending it out that’s cramping my writers style. Take yesterday as case in point. I delve into files of writing I’ve completed some time ago to look for articles that could be great for a Divorce/relationship mag or, Regional Publication.

I come across 2 completed works I feel might be appropriate with a smidgen of tweaking. I collect them, with every intent upon polishing them up/sending them out. Today, they’re lying facedown on my desk, seemingly mocking my inertia, my lack of discipline , my  disregard for how they must be feeling after being promised a good home only to lie in wait for me to spruce em up a bit and send them on their way…

I have excuses you see…It’s way tooo hot in my apartment…the darn AC works when it wants…after all, it’s not like I’m not working here, didn’t I just finish an article for my column at myitthings? Anyhow, I’m going to do double duty today. Get the work out. Scout for markets for these articles in waiting and play around with some of my poetry—perhaps search out a home for them as well !

Anyhow, I ‘m writing today but, getting the work done becomes half the battle…


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