Eureka! I’ve found My Niche…

Wouldn’t it be great for writers to say that upfront? I mean it’s the one truism, I think, for writers trying to make a name for themselves…their work. Finding ones niche, that body of work that you do so well. That something that only you have . That essence, style, panache and individuality that defines you as a writer.

What is it about your writing that draws folks to want to read more, know more, become better because of what you’ve written? I think sometimes that I’ve found my niche, my love, the work that sets me apart from all of the newbies/seasoned/published writers in the world…but, then, I think and know “I’m not there yet.” Because,I love it all! Poetry, the Short Story, the Columnist, Women Issues, Entertainment , Op-ed, Political and the Novelist ( a far fetched dream of mine) I’m just in love with the written word!

Someday, maybe I’ll find my niche, but, for now I’m enjoying the thrill of being a multitasking writer!


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