A Charley Pride Type Of Girl

I was thinking about Charley Pride today..maybe because I grew up listening to his music and liking that little southern twang to his lyrics…or, maybe because I’m borne Southern, sooo I’ll always be a country girl at heart… or maybe because Charley Pride was about the only person of Color back in those days who I knew actually sang country… and sang it darn well I might add.

In our house, there was music. From Negro spirituals- my mama loved Mahalia Jackson- to Diana Ross and The Supremes, Gladys Knight&The Pips, Aretha Franklin, The Jackson Five’s “ABC”, to BB King playing The Blues on his guitar, aptly named Lucille. In our house, music ruled…

I loved all types of music… Elvis Presley’s ‘Love Me Tender’ got me through plenty of love sick teenage girl for boy crushes- on those trying times when love didn’t give a thought to loving me back…Anyhow, I’m a music lover…got it naturally. The other day I was watching John Mellencamp perform some of his songs from yesteryears and I began to wonder why it was I didn’t own a John Mellencamp, Bruce Springsteen, or Charley Pride record, album or CD…

Then I started to reflect upon all of my favorite Authors and why I did’t have their books in my stockpile of collectables…Life is too short and the world keeps on turning…Charley Pride where are you?


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