A Great Body Of Work-Where To Send Your Masterpiece?

You’ve scored that all terrific interview from such a gracious writer! You’ve finished your very first short story who all of your friends tell you is just great! You’ve even completed your first book of poems…Everything for the beginner writer becomes brand new and once completed, leaves one wondering, where do I go from here?

This is one dilemma that established writers doesn’t have to worry about. ..They have already connected with that brillant agent waiting in the wings to critique/shop around your masterpieces to the higgest bidder… There are those friends in the biz who are well known in the publishing world and all too willing to lend a critical eye; Those writer friends you’ve known and written alongside all those starting out years ago…

It’s hard for the newbie out here. Loving to write /create isn’t enough. It’s when your work have reached completion, that the real job begins. Who will want to read your work and actually offer to pay for it? Who can you turn to for encouragement? Advice and productive criticism? Recently, I’ve established an online reader/writership with another aspiring and published writer. We email back and forth our goals, contraints and questions of where to send what? What are you working on now? that sort of thing.

We’re both sort of brand new at being writer ‘buddies’, but, I think we’re getting the gist of it. Writers need the comraderie/that other writers eye, if you will, to help them navigate the maze of a writer’s world…


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