The Play’s The Thing

Back in the 80s after suffering the traumatic loss of a young sibling, I felt driven to work through my grief by immortalizing the memories of a person who loved life and whose dreams and visions of a bright future were taken away, way too soon…

I began to write a play. A one-act sequence of flashbacks into a life of laughter, family gatherings, decisive actions and eventual sorrow. The play called “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” was based upon the old Negro Spiritual of the same name. I didn’t know, or, care at the time whether this title snatching would be labeled, “plagarism”, I only cared that the words ‘If you get there before I do..tell all my friends I’m coming too…coming for to carry me home…swing low..sweet chariot…” You get the gist. Anyhow, I sent my gift of love to a reputable Theatre Company who asked me to tweak this play of substantial ”Merit” by showing more; telling less.

I felt I couldn’t do that… I lovingly locked it away…Writing the play was cathartic. It helped me through my grief. Do you have a play that you want the world to see? Are you a budding Playwright?  Joseph M. Paprzycki, Artistic Director of South Camden, is seeking one act plays based upon the drama of social and political injustice. The deadline is December 1st, 2008… log on to South Camden Theatre Company Inc for more details…


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