Fashion Frantic Fashionistas!

You can imagine the frantic, fashion, frenzy, right about now, over at Myitthings. The 25 fashion semifinalists have been selected by the judges for the magazine’s “it designer” contest! This project apparently was a huge success for myitthings, as the editor Yuli Ziv alluded to an overwhelming influx of submissions(which I’d like to think clara54 had a very small part in) of new designers battling for a chance to be included in the selection process.

Needless to say, the esteemed judges decided to increase their original selection process from 10 semifinalists to a whooping 25! How grand for those lucky fashion finalists to have their designs move on to the next level of the competition. This is where the gloves come off folks. Already, the semifinalist fashionistas are attempting to make nice with the voters by thanking them personally on their myitthings column site for their votes. I’ve received such thank yous’ as well.

Although, the majority of the fashionistas were cordial at their not placing in the semifinals, I’m here to tell you, there were a few sour grapes…I say it’s human nature to be a bit hurt,taste a bit of bile on your tongue, ache a little with regret, but, never, diss a well meaning/free competition that allowed you to place your work for the world to see!

 There will be other avenues for your designs, believe that…believe in your work and please lose gracefully! If I can do it with all of the rejections my competitive writings have gotten over the years, then, fashionistas, so can you. Suck it up, cheer on the victors, and stop sulking!



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