It’s an essential tool in any startup business… Right about now, I’m feeling like Stephanie Mills when she purrs, “I feel goood…I feel goood all over ! ” Ok, people, so she wasn’t talking about freelance writing. We all know it was love. Well, it could be that too, but for now, I’m talking about my writing…It’s a beautiful thing to connect with like minded people who and get this, are just people who make their living writing!

I’m learning, truly I am, that it’s all about making that “writers connection” which in turn might lead to a promising future in gigland…another one for Webster, I know. Anyhow, it doesn’t take much to make me happy. Just hearing from writers out there who leave tidbits of kind words, wise and humorous analogies. Let me say, I appreciate you.

And one more notable thing I just had to share. Before I started this, my 3rd blog, my profile at another site, carried about 3 visitors…my profile visits as of now at that site, a whooping 40! I think this means that one day, some wonderful editor/publisher is going to like what my profile says and I’ll be getting that all important email literally begging me to take them on as a client. At least that’s how I’m visualizing it…

Don’t go raining on my parade!



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