We’ve Become “A Nation Of Whiners”

John Mccain’s right hand economic man said it folks…so I suppose there’s some validity there. This recession thing is all in everyone’s head. The high price of gas, food and housing is a “mental thang.”

The downsizing and outright job layoffs are just mirages in our minds…get this, it’s not really happening. People are not stealing gas.. there’s no increase in amts of bank heists…old people are not being swindled out of their social security checks/life savings..Healthcare isn’t just about the almighty dollar … Banks aren’t in danger  of financial ruin ( this last noted from minds of  ‘economic experts)

So what are we crying about? According to John Mccain’s bestest economic man/friend in the business, America is at its mostest/bestest. And if we weren’t wasting time whining soo much, we’d all see it! My words!



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