“We’re Nurses-We’re Leaders-We’re Hungry”

A group of us attended a nurse leadership conference given by the jobs’ Human Resource Department. Suffice it to say that I wasn’t the only nurse in the group happy to be out and about on a workday…away from the internal affairs of caregiving. We were not about to look a gift horse of non -work opportune in the mouth. An added plus? We got to dress down, or, up for the occasion. We’re all happy/animated as we meet up to pile into the truck of our designated driver. We’re not even annoyed to be up early just like going to work because, Seminars made playing hookey from work , legal and binding ! 

We were actually looking forward to the AM breakfast of coffeecake, crossiants, bacon, fruits and such. I had attended a few of these sort of off the job refresher courses and I couldn’t wait to have a cup of steaming Java with a buttered roll and a slice of greasy bacon, with a glass of oj on the side…yum.

The five of us are the first to arrive , only to be greeted by the stark bareness of a conference room, housed with cushioned chairs and empty tables lining the length of the wall. There were no foods in any fashion to be pounced upon…  we were hungry… be warned Employers, don’t go messing with women who are hungry and needing to eat; fast and in a hurry! When the head of human resources arrived some 15 minutes later, we let him have it with double barrels…

“So, where’s the food?” “Umm, there’s donuts and we’ll be making coffee. decaf/caffinated.” “Coffee and donuts!” “Come on man, we’re hungry!” “Where’s a place we can order breakfast in?” “Don’t give us that budget drill either, we’ll pay for it ourselves.!”

Needlesss to say, the Leadership Conference was expectantly boring, mildly repetitive and downright devoid of good employee services. We reluntantly ate donuts, drank coffee, traded supervisory experiences and even made lighthearted conversation with a packed room of equally hungry nurses…The long awaited lunch was delicious and filling. In the scheme of things, all was well. Nurses got a paid day off from work. The Human Resource folks received 3 stars for feeding us lunch and everyone went home a happy camper!



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