Visions Of Tropical Islands, George Clooney And A Park

So I’m tired to the bone today… off from work. haphazardly remove my uniform, grab a snickers bar from the bottomless pit of my nurses’ bag and head into my writers’ nook to charge up my trusted computer. I don’t want to think about last night dishes in the sink crying ‘wash me’ , nor, did I have the energy to prepare my bath, or, even think about doing my hair…so playing for time, I log onto my email.

An invitation for possible writing gig…umm, I pass…mind too frazzled to consider the offer… A Simple Truths motivational movie; Love those!… saved for later.  Lots of junk mail. I check my weblog next; exactly 27 visits today! I’m thrilled. Make a note of article folks were most interested in and plan to write more of the same. I’m not even upset the tiniest bit when I find that no one voted for my Environmental article over at myitthings!

I log off… head to the kitchen. In no time the dishes are sparkling. Tacos are cooked and garnished My japanese fragrant bath permeates the bathroom. I envision myself somewhere on a tropical Island, drinking coconut/rum with a sliced of pineapple, watching George Clooney trying desperately to capture my attention as he splashes about , bare chested in calm blue waters, sort of like ‘The Blue Lagoon’…Anyhow, my hair is finished. My bath is ready and I’m somewhere in Manhatten, strolling in the park and feeling that all’s right in my writers world… 



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