Writing Advice From Stephen King

Can’t say I’m a big fan of his work. I mean, that salivating/vicious canine just about scared me to elimination! anyho, that’s painting a pic of just how scared his creative gift for grotesque gets to me… The creepy, satanic clown / that vicious jawed shark…well, you get my meaning. Seems recently, the great master of fright was captured by Youtube giving out advice on what makes a great writer…

Stephen King tells writers that in order to be a writer, you must read. “You have to write”, he insists.
Read a lot. Write a lot. Be well read, if for no other reason than to experience that moment he calls ‘Magic’ when one picks up anothers book, only to find out that he/she knows ,”I can do better than that. this sucks!”

I’m a writer who can surely relate to that sentiment. How about you? Ever read some obvious crap and known that you could do better? Ok, what are we waiting for people? Let’s create! Let’s get paid!


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