Celebrity Overload!

I mean, don’t you just want to say, “enough already!?” Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware that Celebrity sells. My 2nd paying gig was with a celebrity gossip site out of Las Vegas. So, I’ve played the sleuth running down a hot lead to a fabfest of entertaining gossip. Celebrity Gossip helps to spice up a lot of mundane existence in a lot of households, so, I’m not down on what make revenue for the writer and to that photographer who acts responsible.

I’ve just had it up to my eyeballs with this latest round of whose getting divorced. Who slept with whom. What Madonna says. What Guy thinks. A Rod’s numerous infidelities. Could his wife be knocking boots with Lenny Kravitz? I have other important issues to think about here. Like my having and dreading , may I note, to go in to work tomorrow. The fact that its stifling in my apartment and eveytime I turn on the AC along with my computer, the dang thing blows a fuse! I’m eating waaay more than I should here, simply out of frustration and I haven’t done my hair!

I think, maybe, I can play it off for tomorrow. Locs are quite manageable, but, neatness and good grooming goes a long way with natural hair…Raftafarian doesn’t look good on me… Anyhow, I’ve vented people. I’ve decided I’m not going to tune in to the tube tonite. Not going to do my hair. I am going to turn up the volume to my Blues, have myself a beer, meditate in my skivvies and chill! Hey, when you grow up, you can do what you please!…



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