Why Writers Need “To Get Paid!”

We’re providing a service, for christsakes! True, many of us are newbies in this business of publishing/marketing and exposure that the writing world consists of, but, just like any new job, we’re here to learn the mechanics of producing the best works for the client. Why, then, doesn’t some publications out there want to pay the writer for that blood/sweat and tears perfect edited article/content they’ve placed into their hands as a completed work?

Starting out in the writing arena, its advised that freelancers get their exposure by almost any means necessary and yes, that can oftentimes means literally giving away your work for a byline/clip of your name and bio; something telling the world that you’re a published writer… Ok, sooo suppose you’ve spent the last 6 months, doing just that, getting yourself exposed without a penny to show for it? Good for the publication, the publisher of the magazine, but is it really a win-win situation for you, the struggling writer?

I was told by one such publisher of a startup mens magazine some time ago,that my 900 word article would find a place in his Magazine…that I’d get plenty of exposure and he’d consider me for a permanent position with his publication, if the article was well received by the masses…Needless to say, its been almost a year into this little venture with the fork-tongued publisher. I can visit the magazine’s site and read my piece sitting so prettily on this publishers page… My one consolation? I’m getting plenty of exposure!

Will I ever be duped into writing for exposure again? With well over 300 articles floating around out there in cyberspace in some fashion, I’d say definitely Not! But, if I were to rewind back two years ago, i’d say yes, because newbies need the exposure, but, don’t be fooled into thinking that all editors/publishers will have your best interest in mind, especially when they give you that spittle about it being a win-win situation! Writers Beware!!!!  



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