Hey people! ya’ll remember how I relayed in a post recently how I wanted everyone to keep their finger/toes crossed for this new gig I was applying for? well…heard back from the editor who informed me verry militarily that she would be placing me on a ‘shortlist’ of applicants she’s considered for the gig! Whoa, now, before you get all gleeful for me, let me run it down to ya, so you will get my meaning, err… her meaning:

#1 Edit these 5 sentences for me…if, upon their return/approval, I will then commission you to do three 500 word articles on dating…at $10.oo per said article. The articles must be returned within 7 days…deadline.

#2 You will have the freedom of research, but, the articles must not be something thrown together just for the sake of search engine purposes…I will take the time to check your facts…You must know English. If you do not, then please do not respond to this job. 

# If the articles are approved, I will pay you after three days by pay pal…please send your paypal address. After these articles, I will commission you to do 20 articles in batches of 5 at a reasonable deadline. Each piece must contain a 250 word forward not contained in the body of the article…say what??

There were a few more instructions written in morse code or something, but, never fear, those will be explained after I’ve returned the edits and agreed to the above conditions…So, the editor ends, “lets get right to it!”

Aren’t you dying to know my response to this editor? Did I dare take the job? It’s truly an honor to be placed on any editor’s ‘shortlist’…Ya think I’ve arrived?! 


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