What’s A Motivator To Do When She Can’t Get Motivated?

Ok, sooo my son had to ask the other day when he came for a quick visit for the sole purpose of checking into my business for which he feels entitled as an adult whose long left the nest to start his own nesting with a wife and more than a couple of kids…I mean, he has both hands full. No need to go prying into my world…

I knew what this was about though. He was feeling like it was his turn to act maternal toward his mother, now, that his equally adult sister had taken a go at it, some weeks before without much success, I might add. Children, no matter their age, or, station in life need to know their place. There’s just so much info forthcoming from me. When my dtr. came over to upload a photo for me, (I’m not technically inclined)  She naturally wanted to chit-chat. Asking how I was doing, as in “are you seeing anyone?” I easily dodged that bit of nosiness by countering with how my arthritic knees hurt…must be signs of rain … “Ma, you’re such a riot.!”

Call in the troops…”So how ya doing, mother? What’s been going on with ya? How’s the novels coming along?” Let me explain. When my son refers to me as ‘mother’, he’s really concerned. When my daughter calls me “ma”. It means she’s frustrated with my evasiveness and she’ll just have to report my behavior to her brother…

I arrogantly admit that I haven’t even looked at the manuscripts I’ve been working on for the last 2 years…I admit that I’ve been distracted. With an audible sigh my grownup son adjusts his glasses… “Mother, you just have to do what you know you have to do…go deep inside of your mind…concentrate on all of that creativity that’s lurking inside and do the work, mother, Just do the work.” I promise that I will as I blow kisses to him existing my door. I return to my sanctuary … my computer room, send a quick email to my daughter…”Mission accomplished…your brother was here.”  “and no, I’m not in love with anyone, smooches….”



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