I’m No Florence Nightengale!

May_30_Health_Care_Rally_NP (585)
Image by seiuhealthcare775nw via Flickr

Don’t talk to me about Nurses‘ burnout! I know that folks not in the medical arena might be thinking how that term could be overrated…don’t for a moment get it twisted! I’m living proof that nursing is an exhausting and demanding field. A veteran nurse like myself, caught in the trenches of nurse shortage, physician malpractice, patients rights bordering on a thin line between abuse and neglect and what do you have?… Nurses who are overworked, underpayed, undermined and teetering on the brink of career change as quality care of patients appears to take a back seat to inhouse ineundo and politics…

Gone are the days when nurses were allowed and encouraged to spend quality time with their patients while assessing their medical/personal needs…Nowadays, a nurse is expected to have medications passed within a limited time frame…Labs called into the attending physician in the blink of an eye … returning to answer call lights moments after existing a patient’s room.

In Healthcare, it’s a given,”the patient is always right” Nurses, nurse assistants, physical therapists, are all aware of patient care services and we strive to give good customer services, because Healthcare has become a service for people who are ill. I don’t like to refer to patients as customers…the term seems soo cold and compassion-less. Healthcare, the way its setup in these times, doesn’t seem to cater to the needs of the patient so much as it does to preventing malpractice suits…Patients and patient families know how easy it is to cry neglect and so , in essence, they are calling the shots when it comes to their treatment or, lack thereof…

It appears that Doctors have become pawns in the field of Healthcare..while Florence Nightengales are banned from the building…


2 thoughts on “I’m No Florence Nightengale!”

  1. Not only is referring to our work as “customer service” cold and unsympathetic, it feeds the idea that a hospital is a business, that we are selling something rather than serving a vital need in our communities.


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