Years After The Breakup

I realize after the many makeups, breakups and just plain ignoring each other…He really did care! But, I couldn’t tell. i mean with very little loves speak words, meaningful conversations and quality alone time, I’m destined to become frustrated at his silences( I don’t read sign language) his numerous adoring female fans, who “just like my music” and my plain ole woman jealousies… I’m bidding this train wreck good-bye.

Years pass… I go on with my life…He with his. I’m happy. Content. No longer pining over a lost love, until the song: ” You are enough woman for me.”  “Let’s grow old together.” Hold up, I say! “Those are my words. My doubts/fears…He can’t do that. That’s an invasion of my privacy.” I find myself listening closely for more clues and I be damned, there’s no mystery to this puzzle: “A special request going out tonight”…”Just Because”…I remembered asking him to sing this, my favorite song everytime he took to the stage…

Those were the days I think, as I settle back onto my cushioned sofa. The days of untamed lusts, love, jealousies and possessiveness that takes hold of a woman’s senses when loving a bad boy. Thank God I recovered my sanity, brought back from the brinks of an insane love…Regrets? maybe a few. After all, how many women in their lifetime becomes a mans’ pride/joy; His “Foxy” who walks away from his pleas of “Stay?!”  Relationships can cause incredible moments of joy and pain? It’s when the pain outweighs the joy that choices must be made…



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