George-I’m Your Girl

Just read a post on myithings that’s saying that George Clooney and post gal pal Sarah Larson broke up because he likes small boobs…Well, George, my man, I’m your girl! Hey, I’m not bragging here, just fact and oh, sooo natural! Seems Ms Larson had some enhancements goings on as well. George Clooney, i’m thinking will always have an excuse for not making a commitment, little something called “commitment phobia”, hello!

While the man is still a hunk, its no secret that time waits for no man, woman, or, celebrity, so George, my advice to you and I’m a good one for giving advice, is this: If you’re somehow thinking that you’re going to someday find, Ms. Perfect, I’d say, “forget about it fellow!” there’s no such animal. However, if you’re looking for the real deal, a woman who have weathered the storms of life and still know how to spell W.O.M.A.N…start looking at women your own age for a change…I’m in the book, give me a holler!



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