Say When?

I’m always scouring the internet writing sites offering up advice to those of us-Freelancers who haven’t quite found their niche, or, audience. I was reading yet another post where the writer advised: “Don’t quit your day job!” in instances where you’re not quite there with back up finances if your home business/freelance gigs doesn’t pan out. This writer went on to say how she hated her job, but, knew that she had to endure it for a while longer because it basically kept her from going hungry… It’s reasonable to have at least 6 months savings if you’re anticipating quitting a job. It’s also advised by seasoned writers to go parttime at job you’re simply tolerating in order to concentrate on your startup freelance biz

This opinion appears to be the number one reason a lot of us tend to stick with good paying jobs while our motivation to produce for someone else dwindles and our creative self esteem becomes daunting… Just how long should writers work a job just because of the paycheck? We need to make money, to pay bills and eat…Where’s the guarantee in freelancing?

I’ve made a decision…Come September, I’ll be taking a leave from my job. A job that I’ve depended upon for many years… I’m going to devote my time to promoting my freelance business. Networking, writing, trolling for jobs and doing a lot of coupon clipping..Hey, I’m a woman in transition, I’m kicking the fear of failure in the pants, come hell, or, high waters! Will keep ya posted.



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