Things I’ve Written

I’m not one to brag, but, I’m told that writers must advertise. Get the word out about what one can do.. And, I’m learning that in this writing arena, one must market their work. Let’s not get it twisted, I’m no Maya Angelou, Norman Mailer, or, Jackie Collins for that matter, heck, I’m not even Jennifer B. Banks, but I am Clara B. Freeman and I have been writing , like, my prolific writer friend so eloquently states, “since the Bic pen” so I suppose I have , in essence, the stuff of which writers are made. I just haven’t received the clients needed to allow me to quit my 9 to 5  ( no secret that I’ve grown weary )  and concentrate on  my freelance career. In order for clients to get a feel for my work, why not visit some great sites I’ve been fortunate enough to write for: 

Ezine Articles Platinum Expert/


Goodtasteinternational Mens Magazine/Good Advice

Mirrror, Mirror Magazine’s Premier Issue/ Article ” Sleeping To The Top”

Myitthings/ Online fashion, tech,house, body, entertainment Magazine/ column under Wiselyfemale

The sites where I’m writing and published are great places to visit and get your work recognized; you might even make a few bucks in the process! 


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