What I’m Reading

Ok, So for the record, I’m a sentimental fool for love! Yep, at the age of 50 something, I’m getting back in touch with my ‘love radar’ and so on that note: Are You Lonesome Tonight? by Dary Matera, a writer out of Miami. Are You Lonesome Tonight? is a story of a true and everlasting love between a young girl and a young man who would become king, of sorts. This is the story of Elvis Presley and a beautiful French woman named Lucy de Barbin. It is a story that speaks on loss, abuse, secrecy, love, birth,separation and survival. This is a story that even today sends a message that true love never dies. Pick up a copy of this wondrous tale at any library, or, thrift store, or, borrow it from an old frriend who perhaps purchased it so long ago and kept it as a reminder of what true love, truly is…

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