I’m Distracted, Thats All!

Spent the last 10 minutes looking for my glasses…this little ritual have become somewhat of a  thorn in my backside. I’m looking/looking in the kitchen, the bath, the countertops, tables, when I pull back the covers on a haphazardly made bed and there they are hiding alonside the tv remote. I tell myself it’s only because I’m realizing my leisure day away from the politics of a job I abhor is about to come to an end. Or, maybe it’s because for the last month, I’ve been waiting breathlessly for the winner of a writing contest to be announced and finally when the moment arrives…my article in all four catagories were not chosen!

I could be bombed out from this little rejection and not consider that as I age, I might be in the running for that brain alteration known as ‘dementia’. Nooo, that’s impossible as I’m only 50 something, ha, ha!, jokes on you, dementia…

Anyhow, I’m considering getting a chain to support my glasses as I cannot afford distraction when the thrill of competition rears its artful head. Question: What are your passions as you embark upon a journey of midlife transition? you can always share your thoughts with me, by comments, or, writing me , clarawriter@att.net.

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